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About our Appeal

“The new gardens will provide a mix of sensory, multipurpose spaces for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy. The spaces will be enclosed for safety, privacy and security, and have consideration for hard and soft landscape materials appropriate to dementia care. The gardens will provide tranquil, intimate spaces with seating and sensory planting which will provide colour, fragrance and texture all year round as well as attracting wildlife. The gardens will also provide multi-purpose areas to accommodate rehabilitation exercise and activities.

“The gardens will provide sanctuary and immersion in nature; a natural and accessible place away from the wards, a place for patients to meet with family and friends, a place for relatives to take a break or enjoy privacy with their loved-one, and for staff to take a well-earned break. Nature and the beauty of the gardens works wonders on mind and body, and give all a sense of normality and life.”

- Nursing Teams, Bryngolau and Mynydd Mawr wards


What will the new gardens provide?

  • Sheltered outdoor spaces for dining, resting and therapy.
  • Smaller intimate spaces for quiet contemplation and private time with visitors.
  • Gardening activities to keep patients active and engaged, using accessible planters which everyone can reach.
  • Edible planting of herbs and fruits to stimulate sight, touch, smell and taste.
  • Tactile, colourful and varied planting and grass areas to stimulate the senses, evoke memories and vary textures underfoot.
  • Bird feeders and native rich planting to encourage birds and other wildlife to visit and provide birdsong.
  • Artwork and installations to stimulate the senses.
  • Spaces adjacent to seating areas for wheelchair users, and wheelchair-accessible outdoor furniture.
  • Handrails around main walkways for increased safety and stability.
  • Level and bound surfaces suitable for wheelchairs and preventing trip hazards.



What benefits will the new gardens deliver?

The new gardens will:

  • Improve the rehabilitation and confidence of those recovering from physical injury, and help decrease their length of stay in hospital
  • Provide a peaceful, calming and therapeutic green space to improve mood and decrease agitation
  • Be dementia-friendly, providing year-round colourful planting with a variety of sensory qualities and hard and soft materials
  • Encourage light exercise and provide gardening activities
  • Increase social interaction.


What if the fundraising exceeds the target?

If the Prince Philip Hospital Gardens Appeal exceeds its target of £100,000, any surplus funds will be used to provide services and activities at Mynydd Mawr and Bryngolau wards which are above and beyond core NHS expenditure.

The aim is to secure the full £100,000 prior to the tender award stage for the construction work. Should the Appeal not reach its target by December 2024, consideration will be given to extending the duration of the Appeal following a full review of tender return costs and charitable income prior to the tender award stage for the construction work. 

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