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Llanelli Masonic Lodge donates £600 to Prince Philip Hospital Gardens Appeal

The Prince Of Wales’ Lodge 671 has kindly donated £600 to the Prince Philip Hospital Gardens Appeal.

The Appeal aims to fund new therapeutic gardens for patients in Mynydd Mawr Ward, a 15-bed elderly care rehabilitation unit, and Bryngolau Ward, a 15-bed older adult mental health unit. The wards are located next door to each other on the ground floor of the hospital and have access to enclosed outdoor space. This space, however, is currently not in use and is not suitable for patients.

The Lodge of Freemasons, the oldest Masonic Lodge in Llanelli, was formed in 1856 and has approximately 40 members of all ages.

The main aim of Freemasonry is to raise funds for charitable causes, both Masonic and Non-Masonic. All the funds raised come from members’ support through monthly donations and their charity fund.

Adrian Hallett, Charity Steward, said: “We, as Freemasons, are proud of the fact that, second to the National Lottery, we are the largest donors to charity in the country. 

“As well as supporting national charities, we like to support small local charities in their fundraising effort. We recently saw the article regarding the gardens at Mynydd Mawr and Bryngolau wards at Prince Philip Hospital and we decided as a lodge that we would like to support this venture and donate £600 to the cause.

“We, as a lodge, are very pleased to assist. We all feel that it will make a significant difference to the progress patients make with their rehabilitation. Research has shown that therapy in green spaces improves patient’s outcomes.”

Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities, said: “We would like to send our sincere thanks to members of the Prince Of Wales’ Lodge 671 for their kind donation which will help us create the therapeutic green spaces which patients and staff can benefit from for many years to come.”

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